Set de 25 Preparados de Botánica

Contiene 25 preparados microscópicos
Chlamydomonas, E
Spirogyra, vegetative filaments, E
Spirogyra, conjugation, E
Fucus, dioecious, antheridial and oogonial
Mucor, conjugation
Conceptacles on one slide, VS
Saccharomyces (yeast), budding, E
Penicillium, mycelium and conidia, E
Marchantia (liverwort), thallus, antheridia, VS
Marchantia thallus, archegonia, VSMnium (moss), antheridial head, VSMarchantia developing sporogonium, VS Mnium, archegonial head, VS
Dryopteris (fern), prothallus with antheridia
Dryopteris, pinnule with sori, TS and archegonia, E
Pinus (pine), leaf, TS
Allium (onion), root apex, mitosis, LS
Zea, (maize), leaf, TS
Helianthus (sunflower), young root,
TS Zea, stem, TS
Helianthus, stem, TS
Cucurbita (marrow), stem LS for sieve tubes
Tilia (lime), young ald old stem, TS
Ranunculus (buttercup), flower bud
LS Prunus (cherry), leaf, TS
Pollen grains, wind and insect distribution, E

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