Set de 50 Preparados Histológicos

Contiene 50 preparados microscópicos
Kidney, injected, thick section
Squamous eqithelium, isolated cells from mouth
Lymphatic, TS
Ciliated epithelium
Spleen, TS
Transitional epithelium, bladder wall
Salivary gland, parotid, TS
Adrenal gland, TS
Tendón, teased
Pituitary gland, TS
Hyaline cartilage
Thyroid gland, TS
Elastic connective tissue, VS pinna,
Tongue, VS, for taste buds
Elastic tissue stain
Stomach wall, cardiac end, VS
Articulation, VS joint
Stomach wall, pyloric end, VS
Sciatic nerve, LS
Colon, TS showing tubular glands
Medulla oblongata, VS
Uréter, TS
Cerebrum, VS
Spermatoza, smear
Heart, LS, entire organ
Cochlea, guinea pig, VS
Cerebellum, section
lleum, section
Spinal cord, Ts
Duodenum, TS
Nerve, TS and Ls
Appendix, TS
Artery and vein, TS
Colon, VS
Cardiac muscle, section
Páncreas, section
Lymph node, section Liver, section
Spleen, section Kidney, section
Scalp, VS
Ovary, section
Skin, heavily pigmented, section
Uterus, section
Striated muscle, section
Cervix, section
Mammary gland, section
Testis, section
Oesophagus, section
Thyroid gland, section
Stomach, fundic portion, section

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